Y Chromosomes?

by Dark Ofay Din


Dark Ofay Din Hong Kong

Dark Ofay Din is the brain child of Geo Burns and a sound section of GeoSolus Dark Arts.
Following a philosophy of No Boundaries, all styles of music are touched upon and held together with an industrial sound. The aim is to create brooding atmospheres, aggressive tones and creep inside the subconscious of the listener to generate cognitive action. ... more

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Track Name: Organ Grinder
“When you have your children brought up by servants and educated by cults, you cannot expect them to become free thinking pioneers. They are destined to become sheltered fantasists isolated by a sense of self worth or tortured egos nurturing a fear of the unknown.
These 2 classes of clones shall enter in to conflict as one fights for what they believe to be their destiny while the other fights against what they believe to be their fate. They shall watch each others misgivings with narcissistic glee while remaining oblivious to the fact that they are both God's failed experiment.”

Exert from the essay: Religion as a weapon
By Prof. Francis Ulysses Koff

Living it up
As an advert and brand
Defining your life
By the card in your hand
Eager for love
On supply and demand
Yes, you are your own commodity
We all understand
That a corporate sponsor
Is a spiritual need
As you have taxes to dodge
And an ego to feed
It’s the way of your world
The power of your belief
That you deserve it all
For being such a good thief

Hoarding and whoring
Are the tools of your trade
Spitting on all
From the Art to the maid
Speaking of justice
And why it should be delayed
With airs of grace
Condescending in spades
A leach on life
A bleeder of hope
As money makes money
Like an addict makes dope
And you fuck the world
While telling people to cope
By selling them a fantasy
With just the right length of rope.
Track Name: Mother Lode
She comes on heavy
LO then crash

Out of the box
Cruising through space
With a digital voice
And a digital face

Caught between a rock
And a digital place
Made a digital choice
For my saving grace

Then you came on the scene
Gave me more than a taste
Of your digital lies
To keep my mind on your case

Like a spike to the vein
A life soon turned to waste
Drowned in digital tears
Before you cut to the chase

She comes on heavy
LO then crash reload